Endodontics - About the Procedure

A root canal treats the inflamed and infected pulp inside of a tooth.

Infections of the tooth pulp - also called a tooth abscess- are serious conditions that should never be ignored.

Without root canal treatment, a tooth infection will escalate and can become very dangerous. In addition to causing severe pain and inflammation, delaying root canal treatment can cause the infection to spread beyond the tooth and to the brain. In rare cases, avoiding treatment can even be fatal.

The Root Canal Procedure Step by Step

Root canal therapy with Jacksonville endodontist Dr. Sandor means only the most advanced techniques and tools, along with the proper anesthetics, are used for a root canal treatment that is as effective and comfortable as possible. This is how a root canal treatment generally works:

  1. The diseased pulp is removed from the tooth.
  2. The canal is thoroughly cleaned, shaped and the tooth roots sealed. This step may require two office visits. Sometimes it is necessary to medicate the canal for a period of time before the sealing is done.
  3. Once the root canal treatment is finished and the area is healed, a dental crown or other restoration piece is placed over the tooth to protect it and make it functional again.

Does Root Canal Treatment Hurt?

Root canal therapy with Jacksonville endodontist Dr. Sandor is pretty comfortable for most patients. However, some tenderness or sensitivity is common afterwards and may last a few days. The degree of discomfort patients experience is relative to the amount of pain and infection they had before the root canal treatment. Any discomfort experienced is typically alleviated with a mild pain medication that you can buy at the drug store.

Teeth that have had a root canal treatment may also feel different from the rest of your teeth. This is common. Lasting pain or pressure, however, should be reported and followed with an exam.

For root canal treatment that's effective, safe and gentle, consider root canal therapy in Jacksonville with Dr. Sandor. Call us today so we can help you feel better again.

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