Endodontics - Myths About Root Canals

Patients often avoid seeking endodontics in Jacksonville for tooth infections because they've heard that root canals can be painful or damaging.

Not so. But before making a decision about choosing an endodontist in Jacksonville, FL you should know the facts.

Every medical procedure deserves a full understanding of how it works, what the options are and what you can reasonably expect.

Not anymore. Modern endodontics in Jacksonville with Dr. Allan Sandor relieves tooth pain! Painless root canal procedures are actually a reality for many patients. Today's root canal is comparable to getting a filling. That's because new technologies, tools and advancements in endodontics in Jacksonville, FL have replaced those of the past. Recent studies are even showing that patients who have the procedure are six times more likely to say it was a painless root canal. We're in the business of alleviating pain, not causing pain.

Truth-A root canal doesn't cause pain, it relieves it.

Dr. Sandor and his staff are wonderful. He is honest about costs and options, non-judgmental, and extremely knowledgeable. Jennifer, his assistant, was friendly and comforting. The office is well decorated and as welcoming as a dental office can be. The root canal was literally painless (even the numbing). I would return to Sandor Endodontics for any additional endodontic work and would definitely recommend them to anyone needing a root canal!
- Katie Bakewell
False. This myth continues to circulate despite no current scientific evidence to prove that root canals make patients sick.

That charge was made several decades ago by a physician who claimed that trapped bacteria present during a root canal procedure could leak into the blood stream and cause disease. The notion is outdated and is proven false by current medical research.

The American Dental Association also continues to support root canals as a safe, standard practice for treating tooth infections. Endodontics in Jacksonville with Dr. Sandor is extremely safe. Our reputation is built on making patients well again.
We disagree. Our patients prefer to keep their natural teeth and endodontics in Jacksonville with Dr. Sandor makes every effort to make that happen. Natural teeth will always function and feel better than tooth replacements, such as dentures, bridges and implants.

Root canals have a very high success rate and have allowed millions of patients to keep their real teeth for years - even life. Unlike dental appliances, real teeth don't interfere with eating and speaking. Real teeth also look better and keep the bones in your jaw healthy. Traditional dental appliances can actually deteriorate bone and cause damage to neighboring teeth.

Patients who choose endodontics in Jacksonville to save their teeth also save money and time. Tooth replacements, especially dental implants, may be good at replicating natural teeth but can be very expensive, require additional procedures and take a long time to heal.

We hope we've helped ease your concerns about endodontics in Jacksonville. Yes, a painless root canal is possible and no, it won't make you sick. For unsurpassed endodontics in Jacksonville, FL or to speak to a knowledgeable team member about additional questions you might have, please call us!

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