Endodontics - Signs and Symptoms

Not every patient requiring an endodontist in Jacksonville, FL experiences root canal symptoms, but most do.

Typically, the symptoms that may indicate a need for root canal treatment will present in a variety of different ways.

Some patients may experience just one of the common symptoms and others may suffer from many. Either way, it's important to get treatment right away.

These are the most common root canal symptoms:

Tooth sensitivity: This is one of the most common symptoms indicating the need for a root canal. Pain that lingers after eating hot and cold food and beverages could be an indication of inflamed and/or infected tooth pulp.

Discomfort when biting and chewing: These are also common root canal symptoms. Teeth may become very sensitive to the pressure placed on them when chewing and biting. Swelling may also occur.

Nocturnal tooth pain: A toothache that wakes you from sleep is another root canal symptom, which is often a sign of inflammation exacerbated by nighttime tooth grinding.

Blemishes on the gums: Pimples, bubbles or other blemishes on the gums that ooze blood or pus when squeezed are other root canal symptoms that point to infection.

Tooth pain that travels: Pain the starts from a tooth - a tooth in the lower back area of your mouth for example - and travels to the head, jaw and ear, is cause for concern.

The symptoms for a root canal in Jacksonville, FL should never be ignored. If you are experiencing any of the root canal symptoms described here, please call us. We can help with full examination and determine the appropriate treatment for your condition.

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