Endodontics - What is Endodontics?

Endodontics is a branch of dentistry that treats disorders of the tooth pulp and supporting structures.

Specialists of endodontics are highly-skilled in diagnosing and performing complicated root canals and other treatments that fall outside the expertise of a general dentist.

Doctors who become expert endodontics providers must complete two years of post-graduate training.

Jacksonville endodontist, Dr. Alan Sandor, saves teeth everyday with expert endodontics care. For example, a patient suffering with facial pain that a general dentist cannot diagnose is often referred to Dr. Sandor for expert endodontics analysis and treatment. Patients with narrow or obstructed root canals or who have unusual dental anatomy also come to Dr. Sandor for expert endodontics treatment.

How Expert Endodontics Work

Tooth Anatomy

To really appreciate how expert endodontics treatments work, it's important to understand the various layers of a tooth and how each one functions:

Enamel: The enamel is the hard outer layer that protects the tooth.

Dentin: The dentin is the underlying layer that supports the enamel.

Pulp: The pulp is the tooth's center layer of soft tissue and frequently the focus of expert endodontics treatment. Pulp contains blood vessels and connective tissue that receive and deliver nourishment from the blood to the tooth root. During a root canal procedure, Dr. Sandor will remove the pulp from the infected tooth. This is completely safe because teeth only require pulp during the tooth development stage. After that, teeth are able to receive the nourishment they need to function from the remaining neighboring tissues.

Jacksonville Endodontics Technology is better than Ever!

Dr. Allan Sandor uses the very best and newest tools and techniques available in the field of expert endodontics. That's why more referring dentists and patients trust Dr. Sandor for their Jacksonville endodontics care. Trained in the most advanced and expert endodontics technologies available - operating microscopes, ultrasonics and digital imaging - Sandor Endodontics provides matchless service and complicated root canal procedures that are as comfortable and well-tolerated as getting a filling at the dentist.

For the best in Jacksonville endodontics treatment, Dr. Sandor is your expert. Call today and let us restore your smile!

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