Endodontics - Why You Need Treatment

Do I need Endodontic Treatment?

Help, I have a cracked tooth! If that's you, don't worry. Dr. Allan Sandor in Jacksonville, FL helps patients with split and cracked teeth every day.

Fractured, split and cracked teeth and advanced tooth decay are the chief reasons why patients need root canal treatment. Multiple dental treatments on a tooth, big fillings, chips and facial injuries are also problems that may require endodontic care.

Sore Tooth

When left untreated, these problems can lead to pulp infections in the teeth - also called abscesses in the bone. Grinding and clenching teeth and eating hard foods can cause fractures that allow bacteria to enter the pulp chamber of a tooth. A tooth abscess then forms and attacks the roots and cause the nerves to die slowly, often with no obvious symptoms during the early stage of infection. However, abscesses caused by cracked teeth can be detected on an x-ray, which is why preventive care is so important.

Without treatment, pulp infections will worsen to the point of destroying the bone. Severe jaw pain and swelling then occurs and delaying treatment at this point can be very dangerous - in rare cases, even fatal. So if you have a split tooth, you need to let Dr. Sandor fix your cracked teeth.

Types of Fractures and Cracked Teeth

Craze Lines
Craze Lines: These are superficial cracks that appear on the outer enamel of adult teeth. They are common and rarely require intervention.

Fractured Cusps
Fractured Cusps: These fractures often result from weakened cusps, which can either break off or be removed by a dentist. They don't often lead to pulp infections and a dentist can fix them with a dental crown.

Cracked Teeth
Cracked Teeth: Cracked teeth are vertical cracks that run from the chewing surfaces of the teeth to the root, sometimes extending past the gum line. Root canals are necessary to treat the pulp infection caused by cracked teeth. Early intervention is crucial because cracked teeth can lead to tooth loss.

Split Tooth
Split Tooth: A split tooth is an advanced condition that occurs when cracked teeth go untreated and the tooth divides into separate segments. The severity and placement of the split will determine whether or not the tooth can be saved. Sometimes, a portion of the split tooth can be protected.

Vertical Root Fracture
Vertical Root Fracture: These fractures exist between the root and chewing surfaces of teeth. They are often underdiagnosed because symptoms are minor. If caught early enough, endodontic surgery may save part of the tooth.

If you have cracked teeth and you're worrying, "my tooth split," don't ignore it! Dr. Sandor can help. Please call us today and make an appointment.

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