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Acid Attack: Soft Drinks and Tooth Erosion

Already under fire for being high in sugar, caffeine and other unhealthy substances, fizzy drinks and fruit juice are also highly acidic. If you drink them regularly thoughout the day, the acid they contain attacks tooth enamel, wearing it down and leaving teeth more sensitive(1).

Watch Your Mouth! Endodontists Urge Mouth Guard

Most people associate knocked-out teeth and traumatic dental injury with rugged physical sports such as football and hockey. The physical contact, aggression and high speeds associated with these sports greatly increase the odds of inflicting a dental injury.

Endodontists End Your Tooth Pain

When her tooth suddenly became sensitive to hot and cold foods, Sande Gioia knew something was wrong with her tooth and feared worse pain was on its way. She immediately made an appointment with her dentist, who referred her to an endodontist, a root canal specialist. Endodontists, her dentist explained, work on problems inside the tooth and are experts at relieving tooth pain.

Endodontists Demystify The Feared Root Canal

When Ms. Barb Guerra went to her dentist with tooth pain, the simple words "root canal" filled her with dread. But after having the painless procedure performed, she realized her worry was for naught.

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